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Upgrade of a website - Web - planifikimi, realizimi dhe mirëmbajtja e faqeve interneti

Often you already have a website. But the website is no longer up to date. We want to upgrade the website. And the new website should support HTML5 and work with a responsive design function (automatic adjustment to the terminal). Responsive design is becoming increasingly important, since on the one hand, more and more mobile devices are used and on the other hand the search engines downgrade those websites that do not conform to the terminals.
The basic idea of the upgrade is reconstructing the existing website with the new possibilities. Here are some possibilities if you want to do it yourself:

The first step of this upgrade could be handed over to a specialist. Later you can take over to make minor changes (e.g. change text and images).

Another option would be to transfer the upgrade quite to a specialist or a company. You have to define exactly what is the aim of the upgrade. May the customer make small changes then himself? For example, text and images change? Or will the specialist do even the smallest change?

Important: To upgrade means in almost all cases, a change in the layout! Previously you could define a layout with pixel accuracy. Today a plurality of terminals is available, from the desktop or tablet computers, from smart phones to mobile phone. The user wants to be able to read, especially the information clearly, no matter what device he uses. As a (expensive) alternative a layout could be set for each terminal.