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Welcome to Transfer

You may transfer easily with Transfer your data. Specially when the data are big and may not be sent per email. Or to transfer data from a computer to another computer per internet (without email, usb-stick, etc.). Before you can transfer data, please register first. You have to enter a valid email address. Your e-mail address will not be disclosed to third parties. The uploaded data files will be deleted after 30 days. Unused registration will be deleted after 12 months.

Transfer is offered free of charge by Please send your improvement and correction propositions under 'Feedback'. Thank you very much.



KISA - Custom-made productions
KISA - Trend towards individualisation
K-small amounts I-individualized S-delivered quickly A-attractive price

UFC - Urban Fäh Consulting
Kompetenz in Strategie, General Management und Nachfolge. Situation klären, Marktposition stärken, Nachfolge regeln. Schnell. Professionell. Ergebnisorientiert.

BXU AG - Business X Union AG -
Swiss Consulting since 1974 - Offline Real Estate | Startup | Fiduciary Trust Mediation | China Business | Brand Ambassador | Diplomatic Consultancy

Rouge Coromandel: Rare Artefacts (Ethnic Jewellery, Images, Primitive Arts) | Precious Perfumes (L'Artisan Parfumeur, The Indian Art of Incense) | Inspiration in Red (Books, Textiles, Designers) | Asia, India | E-Boutique, Shop