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ASCALM short description - ASCALM - cross-assembler me CALM


Welcome to the CALM assembler!

The CALM assembler is a cross-assembler and generates machine code
without a linker for quite all microprocessors. The programs are
written in assembly language CALM. CALM is based on a instruction
notation which is independant of the producer. Assembler features:
listing, conditional assembly, cross reference generator, macros,
etc. The cross-assembler consists of two parts: the processor
independant main part and the processor specific modules (*.PRO).
For different microprocessors you have just to exchange the modules.

This is a freeware product without restrictions.

! This diskette contains the processor independant main part and     !
! the complete documentation of CALM and ASCALM (the assembler).     !
! ASCALM: Refer to the file README.DOS.                              !

(c) Copyright 1986-1997 Patrick Fäh, Route de Champriond 3, CH-1700 Fribourg