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ASCALM list - ASCALM - cross-assembler with CALM

LIST for the CALM assembler/modules   Oct. 6, 1997

   You need the assembler program (ASCALM) and a corresponding
processor module (*.PRO) to assemble a source file.
   The assembler generates object files without a linker in the
so-called MUFOM format. A conversion program (MUFOM -> binary format/
Intel hex format/Motorola S format/.EXE [PC/MS-DOS]/.TOS [Atari ST])
is delivered with the assembler.
   Additional delivered programs: utilities for reformating and
testing assembler source programs, examples, and an editor.
   Following configurations, assemblers and modules are available:

Assembler (works with the processor modules below)
   with macro assembler, utilities, CALM description and operating
   instructions (on diskette). Supported systems (minimum of free
   memory: 256 Kbyte).
   - PC/MS-DOS, 2.x or greater, ASCALM 4.5
   - Atari ST compatible, ASCALM 4.4 (developement stopped)
   - Smaky 100, 324, etc. FOS 4 or greater, ASCALM 4.4 (refer to Epsitec)

Processor modules (with CALM reference card, test file, source, etc.)
4-bit microprocessors:
   - TLCS42.PRO rev 1 Toshiba
   - uPD7508.PRO rev 1 (µCOM-75 family) NEC
   - uCOM75X.PRO rev 1 (µCOM-75X family) NEC
8-bit microprocessors:
   - I8048.PRO rev 3 (I8049, I8050, and I8041, I8042) Intel
   - I8051.PRO rev 9 (and I8044, and all 8051 types) Intel/Siemens
   - I8080.PRO rev 4 (and I8085) Intel
   - M6800.PRO rev 4 (and M6801, HD6303) Motorola/Hitachi
   - M6805.PRO rev 5 (and M146805, M68HC05) Motorola
   - M6809.PRO rev 2 Motorola
   - M6811.PRO rev 3 Motorola
   - PIC16C5X.PRO rev 3 (C54, C55, C56, C57) Microchip
   - PIC16C84.PRO rev 1 (C71, C84) Microchip
   - R6502.PRO rev 3 (and R65C02/SC02, MELPS740) Rockwell/GTE/Mitsub.
   - Z8.PRO rev 1 Zilog/ST (SGS-Thomson)
   - Z80.PRO rev 4 (NSC800, and HD64180) Zilog/NS/Hitachi
16/32-bit microprocessors:
   - CPU16.PRO rev 1 (M68HC16) Motorola
   - H8_500.PRO rev 1 (H8/500 Series) Hitachi
   - IAPX86.PRO rev 8 (IAPX88, and IAPX186/188/286, 80x87/IIT, V20/25)
   - M68000.PRO rev 13 (M68008, and M68010; with MC68881) Motorola
   - M68020.PRO rev 15 (& M68030/40, CPU32, with MC68881 instr.) Mot.
   - NS32000.PRO rev 1 (without FPU and MMU instructions) NS
signal processors:
   - TMS320.PRO rev 1 (TMS32010, TMS32020, TMS32025) Texas Instruments
RISC processors:
   - ARM.PRO rev 1 (Acorn Risc Machine) Acorn

   This software is distributed as freeware and is not restricted.

   Patrick Fäh, engineering office
   Route de Champriond 3, CH-1700 Fribourg / Switzerland