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You may define your own ID. Choose an ID, which is convincing and is not all too short. If you click on 'Make a new ID', the program reports if the ID already exists. Characters allowed: 0-9, a-z, _. Allowed length: 1-24 characters. If you do not define an ID, the following random ID will be used. Random ID offer more security, because it is more difficult to discover them.
Your title. It will be shown on the top left. Can not be empty. Separate languages by | (German|English|French|Albanian).
yes   no
yes: show 'Absences' before title.
Enter an user name: i.e.: Last name First name. Can not be empty.
Enter an email address (or several separated by ,). An email is always sent to this address, when something was changed. If empty, no email will be sent in case of changes.
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Yes: an email is sent to the above email address, when something was changed.
Maximal number of characters to be written in a field.
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Password to show the data. Empty=no password.
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Password for changes in a month. When everyone may modify the data, then do not define here a password. Empty=no password.
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Password for changes in Settings. Please define here a password, otherwise everyone may change or erase the settings. Empty=no password.
5 + 21 =

The data and the email addresses will not be disclosed to third parties. The data and the IDs will be erased, if they were not been used since 12 months.