Patrick Faeh Software


I offer following services (list not complete):

  • Courses for computers, internet, programming, web design, etc.
  • Engineering: development of prototypes, test (microcontroller), etc.
  • PC support (hardware and software)
  • Programming: languages: assembler, C, Delphi (5, 7, 2006), Pascal, VisualBasic, etc.
  • Program-knowledge: 3DS max, CorelDraw, MS-Office (inkl. Access), PV-Wave, Toolbook Instructor, etc.
  • Translations (main focus electronics, computer science): Albanian, English, French = > German (and less well from German to foreign languages)
  • Web-development, web design, maintenance: languages: HTML, Java, JavaScript, mySQL, PHP, Pearl, etc.

dipl. El.-Ing. ETH, Patrick Fäh, Route de Champriond 3, CH-1700 Fribourg
Tel.: 026 510 21 84   international: +41 26 510 21 84
E-Mail: patrick.faeh [at]

Patrick Fäh